Course Introduction
The course is suitable for those who want to become a HSK teacher.Regardless of whether or not you’ve gota Chinese teaching experience, you can understand and learn Chineseteaching of HSK ranging from level 1 to level 6, grasp teaching skillsof each level and each part on the basis of language testing,become a HSK teacherfully qualified for HSK and HSKK classes,  and help foreign students obtain a pass for studying and working in China.
This course is designed and taught by Miss Zheng Lijie who is a HSK teaching expert with 20 years experience  and a chief editor of The Analysis of HSKtextbook series first released by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) , and is personally taught by teachers from the International Chinese Teaching-TestCorrelation Research Center of  Confucius Institute Online.
The teaching contents include global overview of HSK and teaching orientation; teaching skills for HSK listening, reading and writing; comprehensive teaching skills for HSK ranging from level 1 to level 6; online teaching skills for HSK test questions analysis; HSKK (elementary, intermediate and advanced levels) teaching skills;and the analysis of old exam questions of HSK ranging from level 1 to level 6.
HSK advantages
Meeting Your Demands Overseas Jobs Are Directly Recommended for Outstanding Students
Tought by well-known teachers
 especially experienced professional lecturers who are responsible for compiling HSK coures
Learning immediately after registration
and no need to wait a long time.
Low threshold
 and if you got an excellent teaching ability, you can be a teacher.
A senior teacher for HSK teaching and research,and  founder and executive director of HuanYu Chinese Learning Center
Since 1996, Zheng Lijie has been teaching Chinese language for non-native Chinese speakers. In 10 years of teaching, she has developed a way to totally explain Chinese in Chinese, which can help students to develop a sense of Chinese language in a short period of time. Since 2000, she has been focusing on HSK teaching and research. She has ever taught in Beijing World Language School, Beijing Haiyan Language School, Beijing Global Village School , European Center for Chinese Studies at Peking University, and China Youth University of Political Studies in the past years. And now she is working as a senior HSK lecturer and a business Chinese lecturer for China Business Expert Training Course of Korean Ministry of Labor. She has published 21 Days to Grasp HSK (Advanced) Grammars and 21 Days to Grasp HSK(Advanced) Oral Test.
Curriculum schedule for 2017
Meeting Your Demands Overseas Jobs Are Directly Recommended for Outstanding Students
Reference textbooks
Meeting Your Demands Overseas Jobs Are Directly Recommended for Outstanding Students
Analysis of Old Exam Questions of HSK—Level 4
Mock Test Paper for New HSK Oral Exam(Advanced Level)
21 Days to Grasp Writing Skills forNewHSK Level 6
21 Days to Grasp Advanced Grammars forNewHSK
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