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 To teach foreigners to learn Chinese teachers, let foreigners understand Chinese knowledge not only writing and spelling, the key is to let foreigners know Chinese characters internal code and language system to a certain extent, for the beginner Chinese foreigners, unable to talk about Chinese language classes. Only a step by step, it must first solve the Chinese vocabulary spelling of the phonogram, because Chinese voice, tone is the basis of Pinyin spelling. The process is a foreigner to learn Chinese have experienced the accuracy because of this Chinese teachers teach foreigners to learn very highly Chinese characters pronunciation rules and pronunciation vocabulary, also for each foreigner voice standard to control, but we also understand that foreigners in different countries. How much will the pronunciation of nuance, but also confused and English pronunciation, because a word English may express several meanings, but Chinese concept in Chinese vocabulary is the meaning, but the language type of view, the equivalent of English phonogram Pinyin consonant and vowel like Chinese status, just spelling difference.

      But for foreigners to learn Chinese, want to learn a new language, and want to successfully pass the Chinese phonetic barrier, the first step is to let foreigners forget English, forget those English grammar and pronunciation. Can be said that the process of learning Chinese, English grammar and pronunciation idea is ingrained, because of this, the first step is to let the teacher students forget English pronunciation, only to forget the past pronunciation rules to learn a new language. It can be said that the difficulty of pronunciation is that if foreigners learn Chinese and phonetics is bad, it will affect the further improvement of chinese. Especially the zero basic Chinese learners, their knowledge of Chinese phonetic knowledge can improve their spoken Chinese and improve their knowledge of Chinese characters. You can speak Chinese and grammar structure and voice tone and English have a lot of different, but if you correct pronunciation to the absolute advantage of the Chinese to read and spell up. Of course, foreigners in Chinese will gradually develop as they study. In fact, there are also many homonyms in chinese. And there are many different places between these homophones and Chinese tones. All Chinese pronunciation and intonation are very important parts, and this is also a great difficulty in learning pinyin. But despite the difficulties of learning Chinese so much, but as long as the proper methods will be overcome, as long as in the learning process, through targeted exercises and improve the level of Chinese foreigners through effective learning methods can be effective xingzhi.

       Pei Playright Chinese Academy since its inception, adhere to strict and standardized training system, convergence of Chinese as a foreign language teacher training experts and professors and industry resources, developed a unique system of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Le Chi Institute to learn Chinese culture attracted a large number of foreign Chinese learners and foreign enterprises Chinese training needs, also attracted a large number of international Chinese teaching as a foreign language enthusiasts to join the ranks of the global promotion of chinese. Chinese college students are training Playright as Chinese industry "Whampoa  military academy". In 2016 Chinese culture PLAYRIGHT college honored Hanban - Confucius Institute Headquarters awarded the national HSK test qualification. You don't know the voice level

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