Type of course
Tutoring course
It is suitable for business people making frequent work trips and those who want to have a flexible class time, or those who have special requirements for language and learning contents.
Class course
It is suitable for those who want a relatively fixed class time and interaction with others
Cultural activity course
It is suitable for short-term training program of a company, meeting its cultural and recreational activities arrangement.
Art course
It is suitable for a company to organize cross-cultural communication activities, such ascourses of lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting.
Advantage of course

Courses registered by a trainee can be transferred to his/her colleagues or family members.

A variety of cultural activities can be held at the trainees’ office or even at their homes.

We will send the trainees’learningassessment report to the HR manager of their company in time.
In order to ensure thequality of teaching, we will provide the teachers with continuous training of their teaching level and further education.
When finishing the course, you will get a Chinese proficiency certificate.
Assessment and expense
We offer tailored learning needs analysis and entrance test.
Professional assessment
Tuition fee will be subject to the training content, and enterprisescan get a reasonable price and discount.
Teacher team

Teaching by full-time teachers、Professional and unified training、thoroughmonitoring of teaching

Service procedure

Our course consultant will come to your company and consult the following matters with you

Customer needs analysis
Pre-learning test
Course design
Learning assessment
Course monitoring
Assignment of teacher
Shenzhen Happiness & Talent Education Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is a comprehensive service institution focusing on teachers training and full improvement of the professional level of teachers. It is a co-educational base of Central China Normal University and Zhanjiang Preschool Education College, and a teaching study and training base in Shenzhen of Central China Normal University Teacher Certificate Test Study Center.It is a a pioneer and training base of "Eyas Plan" for Chinese youth teachers, and has received Global Education Alliance Teachers Training China Cooperation Program authorized by Global Education Alliance Teachers Training and Development fund. It is also a certification center authorized by TESOL China Management Center to certify the professional qualification of TESOL international children's English teachers, and a registration center in Shenzhenauthorized by International Chinese Language Teachers Association.
Happiness & Talent has longbeen following to a people-oriented education concept, pursuing an education goalof "happy learning, wise life", adhering to an education purpose of rigorous scholarship and excellent teaching, helping young teachers develop their careers, and striving to build a first-class comprehensive education service platform in China.
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