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Happiness & Talent International Chinese Institute is a professional service institution involving in the Chinese cultural industry. With the mission of "promoting the pluralistic development of cultures of countries around the world and carrying forward the Chinese traditional culture ", the institution aims at spreading Chinese culture, making Chinese a bridge of communication between people of countries around the world, so as to promote better understanding of China by the world, bring Chinese culture to the world, and make Chinese a global language.

Through its development and efforts, Happiness & Talent International Chinese Institute is committed to becoming China's leading brand of Chinese language training for foreigners and a professional domestic service institution of Chinese language teachers training.

"Let the sound of Chinese language spread across the world." This is a hope of all Chinese people, and also a responsibility and hope of ours and the majority of people who promote Chinese language to the world. In the spirit of "inheriting civilization and communicate with the world", the programs of Happiness & Talent International Chinese Institute, such as Training of International Chinese Teachers and External Chinese Language Training, aim at bringing Chinese language teachers in China and Chinese culture to the world, promoting the international Chinese language cause, boosting better understanding of China by the world, and carrying forward the Chinese traditional culture. It is committed to providing those, who devote themselves to external Chinese cause and aspire to become external Chinese teachers, with intensive pre-test training for the authoritative and effective CTCSOL Certificate. To carry forward the Chinese culture, it also make efforts to promote the harmony and stability of multi-cultural world. It is more important that, through the training of international Chinese teachers and external Chinese training, we have solved the problem of employment for most of trainees who entered Chinese language teachingsector at home or abroad.

It is our sincere hope that the Chinese language will be progressively brought to the world following the trends of economic globalization and cultural diversification. "Let the world know China and let China go out into a broader world" and "spread Chinese language and share our culture" — this is a two-way understanding which requires not only a two-way bridge of language, but also the increasing width and length of the bridge. Through the bridge of Chinese language, Chinese people will extend our sincere friendship and best wishes to the people of the world and present Chinese cultural essence which can be absorbed by themwhen they pursue their own development.

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